The VRSC recognizes the contributions of student veterans, as well as those of faculty, staff, and advisors at Texas A&M University.  Each month, a student veteran is recognized as the Student Veteran of the Month, and a Student Veteran of the Year is also selected among the monthly recipients.  Additionally, the “Student Veteran Support of the Year” Award is presented to one of the nominated faculty, staff or advisors.

The 2015-2016 Student Veterans of the Month:

  • September 2015 – Cory Thompson
  • October 2015 – Forest Clark
  • November 2015 – Gap Barbin
  • December 2015 – Jeremiah Lopez
  • January 2016 – Mitchell Craddock
  • February 2016 – Daniel Cooper
  • March 2016- Jared W. Sprunk
  • April 2016- Justin Gor
  • May 2016- Joseph Haney
  • August 2016- Joshua McPhail
  • September 2016- Steven Turner
  • October 2016- Gregg Dunn
  • November 2016- Nicholas Romer
  • December 2016-  Nethaniel Gjesdal
  • January 2017- Scott Gee

Dr. Lee Student Veteran Support of the Month


  • Outstanding Professor
  • Presented information on “How to be a successful College Student” to Student Veterans
  • Contacts his student veterans every Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day
  • Keeps in touch with his student veterans to see how they are doing
  • Provides tutoring to Corps of Cadets
  • Does everything he can to honor Aggie Veterans of Past, Present, and Future

Scott Gee– Student Veteran of the Month

  • Member of Texas A&M Singing Cadets
  • Member of Student Veterans Association
  • Officer in Texas A&M Turf Club
  • Competing in Turf Bowl in Orlando
  • Entrepreneur and small business owner