TAMU Veteran Research & Assessment Coalition

The purpose is to connect TAMU faculty, staff, and students who have an interest in veteran related research or assessment.  The goal is to build a network that will:

  • Facilitate and assist each other wish research/assessment efforts
  • identify potential partnerships to create unique research/assessment opportunities
  • Support and facilitate the “Key Tasks” of the TAMU Troops to College Committee (T2C)
  • To better publicize the significant progress that TAMU is achieving in the area of student veteran support.

VRAC meetings are typically held once per semester.  For more information, contact Jerry Smith at gsmith@tamu.edu.

Membership (.xlsx) – VRAC Membership List Oct 2015

Veteran Designated Academic Class Program – At least once per academic year, the VRSC coordinates the funding, professor availability, classroom space and registration procedures to facilitate one section of a Core Curriculum course that is specified for student veterans only.

Faculty, Staff & Advisor Outreach Program – The VRSC hosts a seminar/workshop to provide awareness and information related to contributions that service members and veterans bring to higher education and the challenges they may face.  This program facilitates the growth of the Aggie Veteran Network as a resource to enhance student veteran success.

Faculty, Staff, and Advisor Veteran Support – Student veterans are provided the opportunities to personally thank and recognize faculty and stuff who have made a positive impact on their success.  Campus veteran support entities are also provided a forum to formally recognize faculty, staff and advisors who significantly contribute to our Aggie “veteran friendly” legacy and tradition.

Aggie Shields – A student-led program provides donated textbooks for student veterans to use each semester at no cost.  There are many current edition textbooks in the VRSC library and are available for check out.  Additionally, textbook editions not currently in use at TAMU are sold to purchase current editions, so check their inventory for updates.  Search their online database for your books and find out more information at bthotextbooks.com.

Tickets for Aggie Student Veterans Program – To help support student veterans and provide opportunities for them to attend university events, the VRSC leads the Tickets for Aggie Veterans Program.  Donated tickets are provided to student veterans without a sports pass or admission to other school-related event.  Examples include football, basketball, baseball, OPAS and MSC Box Office events.