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At Texas A&M University, our Military Admissions team is dedicated to providing transitional support and academic counseling to prospective student veterans and current military members.

Our military advisory, have almost 25 combined years of experience working with active duty and veterans here at Texas A&M University.  We will provide you or your family member with the information and resources necessary to be a competitive applicant at Texas A&M.

We hope that you will find the following information useful in planning for your academic future; however, if you have questions, please contact our Military Admissions advisors and they will work to guide you through the process.

Above all, thank you and your family for your service.  Now it’s our turn to serve you!

Karen Cambronero, Military Admissions Liaison, Office of Admissions

Contact Military Admissions | 979-845-3161

Karen Allen, Military Admissions Counseling Advisor, Office of Admission

Contact Military Admissions | 979-845-3161

Location: 112 Koldus Building,

Veteran Resource & Support Center

Advice from Graduating Aggie Veterans

“Stay on task. Don’t quit. Military is marketable; military with a degree is unstoppable!”

“Go and seek all available resources that are available to veterans. There are so many people that are willing to help guide you through your academic career.”
“Make best friends with your academic advisor!”
“Stay in contact with the Vet office! They can open many doors and really help you in your journey.”
“Use what you learned in the service to help you succeed in college.”
“Texas A&M University provides the best of two worlds; a caring community of academic success and a community of mission-oriented, greatness. It’s the best of the university and military worlds!”
“Go to class. If you want to pass your courses, attendance helps.”
“Make sure to keep in touch with the Veterans Service Office, they actually have a lot of great advice and recommendations for managing your course requirements and benefit entitlements”
“Research your degree plan. GI Bill is finite and there are no do-overs. I planned my course load for my entire TAMU career in my first semester and made updates after each semester. No super senior here!”
“Don’t be afraid to experience everything that A&M has to offer students. Just because you are a veteran does not mean you shouldn’t partake in student organizations and activities – you will be glad you did.”